The Perfect PushUp® Strength Board

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The easiest way to get the body of your dreams

The Perfect PushUp® Strength Board is an innovative color-coded push-up board training system that strengthens and sculpts the entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms) while engaging your total core.

This board combines Advanced Push-ups with intense cardio to burn calories, plyometrics, and basic exercises for a full-body workout. In just 30 minutes a day, you will develop muscles, build up and down the body force, burn calories, and lose weight.

Color-Muscle Match Up

Red > Shoulders 
Green > Triceps
Blue > Chest
Yellow > Back (Stabilizing)

Different color-coded push-up board goals details worked muscles (red-shoulders, green-triceps, blue-chest and yellow-back).

Just insert the handgrips into desired color-coded positions to work out the muscle that you want!

  • Burn calories and develop your strength with this pushup system innovation, leading you through a total-body strength and workout.
  • Portable, simple mounting, and storage.
  • Premium, cushioning, non-slip handles.
  • Maximizes overall upper body strength and endurance
  • Easy-to-use (insert handgrips into desired color-coded positions)

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